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I was just days into my fashion internship when I picked up a camera for the first time–in that moment, I knew that I was destined for more. Just a few years later, I said goodbye to the career I had been working towards for most of my early 20s. Still, the camera was around my neck. To this day, it hasn’t left since. 

The discerning eye I cultivated during my years studying marketing and fashion is never far away in my work as a photographer. Today, I work with stylish couples photographing refined, luxury celebrations throughout Chicago, the East Coast, and beyond. Our taste in aesthetics is what brings us together, but our passion for the meaningful details is what makes it meant to be. 

Away from my desk, the camera is always nearby as I spend my free time seeing the world and seeking beauty no matter where I end up.

i'm amara

Owner & lead photographer

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My work is guided by the simple belief that your wedding photography should be as thoughtful as you are. 

Knowing you, no element of your wedding day will be left up to chance. And we both know that the smallest details have the greatest impact... The perfect pair of Jimmy Choos. The organic English Roses. The veil dotted with iridescent freshwater pearls. 

But above all, there’s one thing that trumps even the most perfectly executed mood board: The opportunity to hold space with the ones you love most. To break bread with friends and family. To make every moment infinite with the pop of Prosecco and a toast. 

It’s memories like these you’ll never want to lose. The secret to hanging on? Photographs. 

Turns out, that’s my specialty. You’re in the right place. 

my promise to you

xo Amara

Alyssa is a 2019 alumna from Saint Mary’s College, where she studied Visual Communications and Art with an emphasis in photography and video production. She discovered her passion for film shortly before beginning her education and has been capturing love stories since 2015. Alyssa refers to herself as your “quiet paparazzi” for your wedding day. You can trust that while you are soaking up every moment, she will make sure the most important events all the way to the candid instances that you didn’t even notice. To her, the most important thing for her couples is to be able to rewatch their day, moment by moment, as if they were watching their favorite movie. 

Alyssa finds inspiration from the works of Beyoncé, Fashion Film Campaigns, and Architecture from across the world. In her spare time, you can find Alyssa going to farmer’s markets, museums, directing fashion films, and trying every sushi restaurant in the Chicagoland area.

I'm alyssa

Lead Videographer

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